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AJ's Leppardmania


AlannahJoy's Leppardmania
My loves are my cats, Duran Duran, Def Leppard, the Chicago Cubs, the cities of Chicago, Boston and New York City, cooking, sewing, crafts and writing. I've been writing ever since I can remember; mysteries and young adult stories as well as nonfiction articles about cats, sports and fitness.

Sorry, but I am not accepting friends requests from people I don't know.

1970s, 1980s, a&e, a-ha, abba, aerobics, agnetha faltskog, alton brown, androgyny, anni-frid lyngstad, arcadia, barbie, bette davis movies, bisexual, bobby flay, bodeans, books, boston, boys who wear makeup, bratz, butter, catholic, cats, celebrity chefs, chefs, chicago, chicago cubs, chicago cubs baseball, chicago lakefront, chinese food, coca cola, cookbooks, cooking, crab claws, crab legs, creative writing, crochet, crocheting, cuisine, culture club, dance, deep dish pizza, def leppard, doll collecting, dolls, duran, duran duran, duranduran, ebay, ellen degeneres, eyeliner, fan fic, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, flash fiction, food, food network, gay, good eats, gourmet, illinois, iron chef, italian cooking, italian food, janet jackson, jillian michaels, joe elliot, joe elliott, john mellencamp, john taylor, julia child, kenosha, knitting, lilian jackson braun, lipstick, lobster, long-haired men, mario batali, masaharu morimoto, mensa, milwaukee, mst3k, mysteries, mystery science theater 3000, mystery stories, nancy reagan, new england, new york, new york city, nick rhodes, patti davis, paula deen, penny marshall, phil collen, reading, reagan, recipes, red lobster, republican, restaurant, retro, rick allen, rick bayless, rick savage, rod serling, ronald reagan, rosie o'donnell, round lake, sctv, seafood, second city, shrimp, siamese cats, simon le bon, simon lebon, skyscrapers, slash, slash fan fic, slash fan fiction, slash fanfic, slash fanfiction, slash fic, slashfic, steak, steve clark, suspense stories, sweden, swedish language, tales of tomorrow, the 1980s, the cars, the outer limits, the twilight zone, tina landon, tyler florence, vintage, vivian campbell, wilmot, wisconsin, writing